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Welcome to A Visionary Gallery!


Visionary Gallery is proud to announce the following changes to our site and services to help artists from around the world promote their work:

  • Any artist may submit and show their work for free, just as it has been since we first opened this site in 1997
  • Standard members may upload up to 20 works of art and display 10 at any one time
  • We now offer a GOLD MEMBERSHIP that offers:
    • Upload up to 100 works of art
    • Display up to 50 works at any one time
    • Sell your work if you want. We charge only %20 plus a $10 USD processing fee per transaction
    • Gold members will be highlighted and show up at the top of the gallery list
    • A visitors counter will be displayed at the top of Gold members pages and for each of their images.
    • Only Gold members can be selected as artist of the month
    • Every Gold member page will be submitted to the major search engines for additional promotion

What countries are represented by The Gallery?
Currently The Gallery hosts work from artists in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, France, Scotland, Israel and Australia. The Gallery is open to any artists around the world.

How do I display my work at The Gallery?
To display your work simply fill in your desired username and password above where it says "Login Here." Then click the Register button. Already a member? Use the "Login Here" area above or click the Lofts button at the top of the page and click submit instead of Register.

Having problems?
If you are experiencing problems with your account please send an email to support@visionarygallery.com with a specific description of the problem.

Are you an art buyer?
Click the Gallery tab at the top of this page or click here to go directly to our gallery. You will see Gold Members listed at the top of that page and any artists that have works for sale have an icon next to their name for easy browsing.

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